Folding/Unfolding: One of the most important plant (plants, green algae and some bacteria) functions for all creatures great and small is photosynthesis.
Thanks to the RCSB protein data bank, 3D ribbon representations of the photosynthetic process are available. The ribbon representation illustrates the unfolding process of proteins. The structure of proteins achieved through their folding and unfolding is critical to their functioning well. 
From the simplicity of the animal cell to the incredibly complex process of photosynthesis, the natural world is full of beautiful surprises that we can reimagine in digital worlds.
"The flows of vital fluids within tubes in similar-looking networks—rivers, plants, blood systems—can lead to a view of Earth itself as an organism."
"The world as tubes...," is an idea based on Tyler Volk's, Metapatterns: Across Space, Time, and Mind  

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