I first discovered the Frangipani tree in Bali, Indonesia. Its delicate flowers are regularly collected by the Balinese people for use during their prayers. Throughout each day it's common to see Balinese people gently wafting incense to Hindu gods using a small cluster of frangipani petals during their prayers.
 This short video, A Seat in Nature, is dedicated to my friend, Nyoman Widiarti, and her family whom we miss dearly. (Translation: Video pendek ini, A Seat in Nature, didedikasikan untuk teman saya, Nyoman Widiarti, dan keluarganya yang sangat kami rindukan.) 
A Seat in Nature was created in Unreal Engine 4.25. The frangipani textures were handpainted in Adobe Photoshop. The frangipani tree was modeled in Speedtree modeler for UE. The landscape materials are custom blends of textures found in Quixel Megascans. I'm particularly excited about the many frangipani flowers in this video, which were rendered using Unreal's Niagara particle system.

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