The first time I saw a passion flower (Passiflora) it reminded me of a little spaceship. (I think it's the center part of the flower that looks like it can start spinning so the flower can take off.) These flowers come in a diverse array of colors and only bloom for a short time each morning. There are apparently 500 species of the Passiflora flowers. Some believe the passion flower has health benefits that include relieving anxiety, insomnia, and stomach ailments. I don't doubt it, but I haven't tested it.

One of the many elements I appreciate about AR and using Adobe Aero is the ability to adjust the scale of each asset. Being able to fill my physical spaces with botanicals of all sizes I can interact with does make me a little giddy at times.

As always, if you'd like a passion flower of your very own, please let me know...I'm happy to share a link!

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