Bloom is a meditative piece that explores ways of evoking expressions of the sublime (as defined in my feminist interpretation of Kant) using nature's many patterns and forms. 
The concept design for the film is based on the Tibetan mandala, which symbolizes the universe. Bloom is my Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) MFA thesis film submitted in partial fulfillment for Motion Media Design graduate program. It was one of the films selected by the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Virtual Summit to be viewed on the day His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Dr. Anthony Fauci presented. 
Recently, Bloom was also selected as an interstitial moment at the TEDinArabic regional event in Doha, Qatar previewed during the WISE summit. 
All 3D assets were modeled, rigged, and textured in Cinema 4D. The assets were then imported into Unreal Engine 4.24 where materials were built, the mandala-like environment was constructed, and the lighting was created. Cinematography and animation were developed and produced in Unreal Engine. 

*Music interpretation by: Jeff Breiner, guitars; Ella and Lily Breiner, vocals;
Recording: River 
Sound Design: Mary Andreolli 
3D modeling, animation and Unreal Engine film production: Mary Andreolli 
Bells: Pantai Saba Pemangku 
Nature sounds: Bali, Indonesia 
Humming song inspired by "Igloo" from the music soundtrack to, "Where the Wild Things Are"

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