​​​​​​​When it starts raining it's best to just take your AR jellyfish inside.
For the inside AR version I really wanted to pick up the transparency of the materials, which worked well with the GLTF export from Cinema 4D into Adobe Aero. The tentacles responded a little differently with this format but I think still an interesting render. As I'm kind of falling in love with the purple-striped jellyfish they may show up again. (smile)

As more and more pandemic restrictions are lessened I'm trying to slowly explore new spaces around our apartment complex. And, what better place for the AR purple-striped jellyfish than a pool? For this version of the jellyfish I used .FBX files, which reduced the transparency of the materials, but this seemed to work well for being outside midday.
One of the many features I appreciate about Adobe Aero is the ability to easily duplicate assets once they are imported into Aero. I am a big fan of the desktop application and usually do most of the set up there.
Please let me know if you'd like to explore this purple-striped jellyfish. Always happy to send a link or QR code.
​​​​​​​Despite not having a brain or a central nervous system, the jellyfish seems to function beautifully in the undersea world it inhabits. Here is my interpretation of the purple striped jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca), which can be found in the Mediterranean and Gulf of Mexico. 
The movement of jellyfish in the natural world is simply mesmerizing to me. Apparently, much of their motion is due to ocean currents and winds.

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